Internet Provider & Video Conferencing Info

Internet Provider Information

Many internet providers have made pledges not to terminate service, have opened their WiFi hotspots, have eliminated data caps, and have made other related offers. The VT Department of Public Services has put together a great page with a comprehensive list of provider pledges and offers:

Video Conferencing Tools

Zoom - Zoom is a popular option for online meetings. With a free account, you can invite 100 participants, but meetings are limited to 40 minutes. A "pro" level account is $14.99/month.Pricing and Plans

Cisco WebEx - Cisco has increased the options for the free version of their service, which now allows for 100 participants and no time limit. You can also receive a discount on their paid services, by using code "wecare2020". Pricing and Plans

WhereBy - WhereBy runs in a user's web browser, so there's no need to install software. At the free level, it can have up to four participants, but at "Pro" ($9.99/month) it goes up to 12 participants. Pricing and Plans

Jitsi - Jitsi is a free and open-source video conferencing software

Microsoft Teams - Microsoft is making Teams free for individuals and businesses.

Information adapted from Vermont Arts Council - read more of their COVID-19 information here