Virtual (and Non-Virtual) Programming Ideas and Resources for Adults

General Ideas (Virtual)

  • Synchronous Online Book Clubs – (Host via Facebook Live or web-conference software)
    • short stories
    • free online books
    • podcasts
    • magazine articles (that patrons can access using the Gale resources)
  • Asynchronous Online Book Clubs
    • Discussion leader posts a question that people respond to online via Facebook posts, blog comments, etc.
  • Online Art Gallery
    • Patrons submit photos of their creative projects
    • Library creates an online art gallery for the community
  • Virtual Reference / Call Center
  • Online Dungeons & Dragons
  • Post craft instructions, crafting videos, or crafting ideas
  • Online Craft Hang-out – Patrons knit, crochet, quilt, etc. while socializing online
  • Online Trivia Nights
  • Record DIY programs from your kitchen
    • Ex: Greener cleaners, natural deodorant, cooking, flower arranging, etc.
  • Recruit local businesses or community members to create DIY videos for the library
  • Ask local organizations to co-host a webinar/online event on important community topics
  • New & Expectant Parent support group online
  • Curate a list of official TED talks or Moth videos on different themes
  • Celebrate Poetry Month Online

Non-Virtual Ideas

  • Host a "Stay at Home and Read-a-thon" (consider making it a fundraiser, too!)
  • Weekly phone call check-ins for volunteers, frequent patrons, and other patrons who don't have internet access
    • Set up a free Google phone number to protect the privacy of library workers
    • Update them on the library
    • Ask what resources they might need
    • Maintain a connection with the library
  • Mail resources to patrons
    • Craft ideas (with things they can find around the house)
    • Adult Coloring Sheets
    • Word Puzzles
  • Postcard Campaign
  • Other Phone-Based Ideas:
    • Record a poem on the library’s voicemail that people can call to hear
    • Phone reference service
    • Dial in bookclub
    • Read micro stories/flash fiction over the phone
    • Phone tech support
  • Library programming on the local radio station
  • Library Parade: Staff and volunteers drive through neighborhoods with signs on their cars to cheer up residents

Links to Free Online Culture/Entertainment


(Updated: 4/26/21)