Duplication on Demand Bookshelf Instructions

Each Duplication on Demand Talking Book cartridge you receive is prepared especially for you and contains more than one book.  They will not automatically play one after another.

To move to the next book:
Let the book play all the way to the end, past the closing announcements, until it says “End of Book.” You will then hear the instructions, “Press Play/Stop to go to the next book.”  Tap the square, green Play/Stop button.

Or, use your player’s Bookshelf feature to select which book you want to read:

  1. Press and hold down the Play/Stop button until the player beeps, announces “Bookshelf”, the number of books on the cartridge, and the title of the book currently selected.
  2. Release the play button and tap the FF button to the right of the Play/Stop button. (Do not hold it down.) The player will announce the title of the next book.
  3. Tap the Play button to start playing the book.  (Do not hold it down.) If you do not press Play to start playing the book, it will not be selected and the player will revert to the last book read.
  4. You may keep tapping the FF button to skip books until you come to the book you want to read.  You may also tap the RW button to the left of the Play/Stop button to move backwards through the list of books.  If you hear two beeps in a row, you have reached the beginning or end of the books on the Bookshelf.

Please return your cartridge as soon as you have finished reading it.  To return it: Make sure the cartridge is in the container, remove the mail card, and put the container in the mail.  There is a permanent label with our return address affixed to the container and there is no postage necessary. 

If you have any questions, please call the Vermont Dept of Libraries, ABLE Library at 802-636-0020.  Please have your player nearby when you call so we can walk you through the process. 

Printable Bookshelf Instructions (PDF)