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Universal Class - for Library Staff

Important Update - The State's subscription for Universal Class will be ending on August 31, 2024. Users will lose access to their account after that date. We recommend that users shift to using Udemy, which offers 20,000 video courses on a wide variety of topics.

Universal Class is an online learning platform offering over 500 continuing education courses on a diverse array of topics. All Vermont public libraries and their patrons have access to Universal Class through the Department of Libraries.

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What does Universal Class Offer?

The site offers a wide-range of courses, from office skills to algebra, baking to self-help, and spiritual studies to painting. The classes are generally meant for high school-age patrons and older. Though classes are not for college credit, they are led by a real instructor with whom you communicate through the site. Courses allow you to proceed at your own pace, working on assignments anytime, day or night. They have up to six months to complete a class and can enroll in up to five classes at a time.

How Do Patrons Register?

To get started, patrons will go to the registration link - .

Next, patrons enter the number on their library card, and then fill out a registration form with their name, email address, and password. Patrons will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm their registration. Note - If your library uses short library card numbers, and you notice a problem with registering, please contact Josh at to figure out an approach.

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How do They Use the Service?

Patrons login by going to the same address - - and using their email address and password. They can search through available classes by title or topic area. Each course will show the number of assignments and estimated amount of time it should take. Once they join a course, they can reach it under My Classes.

Promotional Materials

Universal Class has put together a range of bookmarks, handouts, posters and more you can print out for your patrons. You can download the individual items from Google Drive, no login needed. For each document, there's an MS Word version (which you can customize) as well as an Adobe PDF version (which you can't) - Google Drive Link

Problem - Asking for a Fee?

If a patron ever encounters an issue where the site looks like it's going to charge them to take a class, they probably registered as a general user rather than a library user. Please contact Josh with their email address, and we can transfer them over.

Categories of Courses

Accounting, Alternative Medicine, Arts, Crafts & Hobbies, Business, Career Training, Computer Training, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Education, Health & Medicine, History, Homeschooling, How To / Do It Yourself, Language Arts, Law/Legal/Criminal, Mathematics, Office Skills, Parenting and Family, Personal Development, Pet and Animal Care, Psychology, Real Estate, Science, Self-Help, Social Work, Special Education, Spiritual Studies, Teacher Resources, Test Preparation, Web Development, Writing Skills

Who do I contact with Questions?

Please start by getting in touch with Josh at .