VTLIB Distribution of State Documents

Recent statute changes have changed the way the Department of Libraries distributes state documents in hard copy. These state documents include:

  • Vermont Statutes Annotated (VSA)
  • VSA pocket part supplements
  • Acts and Resolves/Session Laws
  • Legislative Directory, House Journal
  • Senate Journal

Most distribution of these are now by request only. For more details please review the full statute below. To request one of the following that is currently being printed, fill out the form below prior to the request deadline.

Current titles and volumes available for request and deadline to submit request:

  • [volume] [deadline]
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Use this form to request volumes

Relevant Statutes

(c) The State Librarian shall distribute, in accordance with 29 V.S.A. §§ 1153a-1163 and other official lists maintained by the State Librarian22 V.S.A. §611, the following State publications:Acts and Resolves of the General Assembly, the legislative directory, the Vermont Statutes Annotated, including cumulative pocket part supplements when issued and the journals of the Senate and House of Representatives, and other official documents. The State Librarian shall maintain records of all documents that he or she distributes.


  1. The State Librarian shall deliver the Acts and Resolves as follows: to the Secretary of State, six copies; to the Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court for use of the Court, one copy; to the Governor’s Office and to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, one copy each; to the Library of Congress, four copies; and upon request to other public officials and offices as quantities allow.
  2. The State Librarian shall distribute the copies of Vermont Statutes Annotated and any cumulative pocket part supplements, when issued, as follows:
    1. one each to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the State Treasurer, Secretary of State, Auditor of Accounts, Adjutant General, Commissioner of Buildings and General Services, Commissioner of Taxes, Sergeant at Arms, and the head of each administrative department;
    2. four copies to the Attorney General; and
    3. upon request to each of the following:
      1. one to each town clerk;
      2. three to each county clerk;
      3. one to each Probate judge;
      4. two to the Clerk of the Supreme Court;
      5. one to each ex-Justice and Justice of the Supreme Court, Superior judge, and State’s Attorney;
      6. two to the judge of the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals from Vermont; and
      7. four to the U.S. district judges for the District of Vermont.
  3. Upon request, the State Librarian shall give:
    1. one copy of the Vermont Statutes Annotated and any cumulative pocket part supplements to a bar association, university, college, or public library that is located in Vermont; or
    2. one copy of the Acts and Resolves or the Vermont Statutes Annotated and any cumulative pocket part supplements to a member of the General Assembly.
  4. Additional copies may be sold to parties identified in this section at a price to be fixed by the State Librarian, provided that the sale is permitted by the publishing contract.

If you encounter an issue with the form or if you have questions about distribution of state documents, contact Linda Bullard at linda.bullard@vermont.gov.