SRP Performer Recommendation Form

For the past several summers, the Department of Libraries has given grants to Vermont public libraries to hire local performers for summer programming.

To be eligible to be hired with these grant monies, performers must be oriented towards children and/or families, tailor their programs to the theme of the year's SRP, and receive two recommendations from Vermont public librarians. They will then be added to the performer database and available for programming at your library.

This form is a chance for you to provide a recommendation for any exceptional children's/family performer you have had at your library within the last two years. You may fill out a form for as many performers as you would like who fit the bill!

This form is not mandatory- just an opportunity for you to give kudos and help keep great programming available in Vermont.

Thanks for your help!

Example: Jane Doe, Library Director
Example: summer performer grant performance, after-school programming, etc.