District #1 Environmental Commission

Application #1R0945-4, Fuller Sand & Gravel, Inc. and John Griffith Jr.

Site Visit and Noise Demonstration:

Note: Pursuant to Act 250 Rule 20, the Commission orders that any noise-producing equipment in the proposed Griffith/Falzo pit, such as excavators, portable screener and two loaders be operated at full operational levels during the site visit.

Meet at the Danby Town Office at 9:00 am

130 Brook Road, Danby, VT

The Commission and parties will then caravan to an appropriate location to view the existing Fuller Pit and then to observe the sound test and view the proposed operations at the Griffith Falzo pit.

Immediately following: Public Hearing

Danby Town Offices

130 Brook Road

Danby, VT

Event Type: 
Public Meetings
Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 11, 2017: 9:00 am