Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

Milk Commission Meeting to included discussion on dairy related Farm Bill proposals, Congressional delegation discussion of Farm Bill priorities, Class

I proposal for Farm Bill and an open hearing on the upcoming Federal Farm Bill which includes several programs within its 12 tittles.

Title 1 – Commodities, Title 2- Conservation, Title 3 – Trade, Title 4

– Nutrition, Title 5 – Credit, Title 6 – Rural Development, Title 7 -

Research, Extension, and Related Matters, Title 8 – Forestry, Title 9 –

Energy, Title 10 – Horticulture, Title 11 – Crop Insurance, Title 12 -


The Milk Commission has been tasked to review all proposals for the Farm Bill that could impact the dairy industry in Vermont and to provide

recommendations to the Congressional delegation.  Testimony should be centered around the dairy industry in Vermont as it relates to the Farm Bill

and all information is welcome.  You do not have to register in advance but please arrive by 12:45 pm. if you are interested in testifying.  Please

provide 12 copies of written information for the Commission members.

Vermont Technical College Campus 

Langevin House

593 Furnace Rd

Randolph Center  VT 05061

Event Type: 
Public Meetings
Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 07, 2017: 9:30 am