Vermont Early Literacy Initiative, Pre-Reading Skills

The initial Vermont Early Literacy Initiative (VELI) began in 2010 by focusing on six pre-reading skills. Thirty libraries began the VELI program with 23 more libraries joining the following year. Libraries particated in the program by attending a two-day training session. The training, based on research studying how babies and toddlers learn, helps librarians introduce concepts of early literacy with the goal of improving storytimes. 

The first day of training featured Saroj Ghoting, one of the librarians who began the American Library Association's (ALA) program. She also wrote on this topic in her book, Early Literacy Storytimes at Your Library. The second day of training looked at the Vermont Center for the Book's Beginning with Mother Goose program and the Every Child Ready to Read program from the ALA.

Each library participating in the VELI program created storytimes incorporating early literacy skills. Recommended programs arranged by pre-reading skill can be found below. 

Print Motivation - An Interest and Enjoyment of Books
Vocabulary - Knowing the Names of Things
Print Awareness - Noticing Print, How to Handle a Book, Following Words on a Page
Narrative Skills - Describing Things and Events and Telling Stories
Letter Knowledge - Learning Different Letters, Knowing Their Names and Sounds, Recognizing Letters
Phonological Awareness - Hearing and Playing with the Smaller Sounds in Words
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