2018-2019 Red Clover Book Award Voting Form

Status message

Submissions for this form are closed.

This is the official voting form for the 2018-2019 Red Clover Book Award. Votes submitted any other way will not be counted.

Vermont students in grades K-4 are eligible to submit one vote for their favorite title. It is recommended that students read/listen to at least three of the titles before voting, but it is not mandatory. The adult collecting votes should submit all of their students' votes at the same time using this webform.

Under the title for each nominee, enter the number of votes submitted for that title. If no votes were submitted for that title, write zero- all fields must be filled. Then, please enter the number of students from each grade who voted. Enter zero if no students from a particular grade voted.

To ensure there are no discrepancies, please make sure that the numbers of students voting from each grade matches your total number of students voting. And, make sure that the total number of students voting matches the total number of votes being submitted. Please double-check your form for typos.

The deadline to submit votes is Wednesday, May 15, at 11:59pm. Votes submitted after that deadline will not be counted.