Public Utility Commission

Prehearing Conference

PUC Case No. 17-3149-PET Preheaing Conference Re: request of Dave Chaudry adn Alpine Haven Holdings, Inc. Jurisdiction

In Re: Dave Chaudry and Alpine Haven Holdings, Inc., pursuant to 3 V.S.A.  § 808, 30 V.S.A. § 203(3) and PSB Rule 2.403, for a Declaratory Ruling on their rights and obligations as users and as to jurisdiction of the Public Utility Commission over Petitioner's relationship with Alpine Haven Association Water Cooperative, Inc. and Alpine Haven Property Owners Association, Inc.

Public Utility Commission

Susan M. Hearing Room

Third Floor

People's United Bank Building

112 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05620

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Public Meetings
Event Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2019: 1:30 pm