Public Utility Commission

PUC Case No. 19-4800-PET and PUC Case No. 19-4801-Pet Joint scheduling conferenence Re: Barton Village, Inc. Electric and Jacksonville Electric Company for 2019 IRPS

In Re: PUC Case No. 19-4800-PET of Barton Village, Inc. Electric Department for approval of a 2019 Integrated Resource Plane and PUC Case No. 19-4801-PET Petition of Jacksonville Electric Company for approval of a 2019 Integrated Resource Plan

Via Telephone, please use the following dial-in information for the conference:

Telephone number: 1-631-992-3444

Participant Pin Number: 4085308





Event Type: 
Public Meetings
Event Date: 
Monday, January 06, 2020: 10:00 am