District #8, Environmental Commission

ACT 250 APPLICATION 8B0503-3, Prehearing Conference Report and Order #2 Poulin Grain, Inc., North Bennington/Shaftbury, VT

Site Visit: at the Project Site at 1873 Vt Route 67E in North Bennington, VT


IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL COVID PROTOCALS ARE FOLLOWED AT THE SITE VISIT, [see Prehearing Conference Report and Order #2, Pages 3-4,  B. Site Visit, Hearing, and Informal Non-adversarial Meeting, § b.-l.]

All supplemental evidence requested, and any other pre-filed testimony must be submitted by November 30, 2020.

Pre Hearing Conference Report and Order #2 (PDF)

Event Type: 
Public Meetings
Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 04, 2020: 11:30 am