Additional FAQ's

  • INVOICES: We thought that after sign-up that an invoice would be generated and sent, but that is not happening. The form developers are working on this. Please rest assured that an invoice will be coming from our finance office soon if you did not receive one when filling out the form.

  • AGREEING TO FORM TERMS: If you are signing up for Option 1 on the form – a regular site license and free streaming – then you are agreeing to terms for both of those things. So, when it says “films will only be shown in a building” that is just regarding the regular site license (that we offer every year) and doesn’t have anything to do with streaming. Obviously, if you are streaming the point is to get students films remotely and they wouldn’t have to just be in the building.

    If you are signing up for Option 2- just free streaming- you will still have to “agree” to that term, but we will know that if you are only getting streaming that you will be showing films remotely through the portal, and that is fine. The form is not sophisticated enough to be sensitive to all of the different options.

  • REQUESTING MOVIES: I wanted to address the topic of teachers requesting movies to be added to the portal. When a request is submitted, it goes directly to Swank, and they will approve it and add it to the portal. We are recommending that librarians be the gatekeepers for teacher requests – i.e. teachers will tell you what you want, and then you can place the request for them. This way, you can keep track of requests. There is a limit on how many requests can be made, but this isn’t per school – it is for the entire portal. I am trying to verify that number. In the meantime, please be conservative with requests so that other schools have an opportunity to make requests if needed.