Summer Performer Grants 2020

The Department of Libraries supports the mission of local public libraries to provide quality library programming for children, teens, and families. The Department sponsors an annual Summer Reading program available to all Vermont public libraries to foster summer reading for children of all ages. The Summer Reading program encourages a love of reading, introduces children and teens to books and authors to expand leisure reading choices, and works to prevent the “summer slide” and loss of reading skills during the summer months when children are out of school.

As part of the Summer Reading program, the Department of Libraries encourages libraries to provide a variety of programs for children of all ages and families. The purpose of this grant is to make it possible for public libraries to hire performers (e.g., puppeteers, storytellers, program presenters) to conduct quality programming for youth and families during the summer season in 2020.

Read the guidelines below to get more details of the grant process and requirements.

Read more about the entire Summer Reading Program here!

A list of performers* can be found here:

*Libraries do not have to choose from this list for the grant; this is for informational purposes only.