Vermont Early Literacy Initiative, Language and Math

In the fall of 2012 the Vermont Early Literacy Initiative (VELI) began to include programs for language and math literacy. The 26 libraries participating in the program attended a two-day training which provided information on how preschoolers learn about literacy and math. Librarians were also taught the basics of the Common Core State Standards in order to understand the skills preschoolers would need in kindergarten. 

Pat Fitzsimmons, the Common Core Coordinator for the Vermont Department of Education, delivered the keynote speech during training. Sally Anderson, Director of Vermont Center for the Book, taught the majority of the workshop. To facilitate their new storytimes librarians received books and other materials to use in their programs. 

The following is a selection of storytime writeups from the initial participating libraries as well as the 21 libraries who participated in 2013.

Recommend Ready For School Storytimes