Take Your Child to the Library Day

Take Your Child to the Library Day rabbit familyTake Your Child to the Library Day (TYCLD) is an annual library awareness event that began in Connecticut in 2011 and quickly spread nation-wide. TYCLD showcases what libraries are doing for children and raises public awareness of the importance of library services to children.

How to Participate

Participation is easy and entirely flexible. You can hold a special event, or simply highlight a program you already do. To join in:

  1. Find activity suggestions on the official blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page
  2. Choose a day – this could be the "official" date, or any other day that is best for your community
  3. Advertise with the downloadable logos and artwork
  4. Register online for free
  5. Email Youth Services Consultant Sharon Colvin and tell us what day you chose

Additional Resources

Printable bookmarks and stickers, program ideas, and other resources are available from neighboring library associations:

Check out the growing list of participants on the TYCLD blog.

2016 Vermont Participants

  • Poultney Public Library - Saturday February 6 - Friday February 12
  • Highgate Public Library - Wednesday February 24
  • South Burlington Community Library - Saturday February 6
  • Morristown Centennial Library - Saturday February 6
  • Fletcher Memorial Library (Ludlow) - Wednesday February 10
  • Carpenter Carse Library (Hinesbury) - Saturday February 6

2015 Vermont Participants

  • Alburgh Public Library
  • Bennington Free Library – Saturday, March 7
  • Bent Northrop Memorial Library (Fairfield) – Thursday, March 5
  • Brown Public Library (Northfield) – Thursday, March 5
  • Brownell Library (Essex Junction) – Saturday, March 7
  • Cavendish Fletcher Community Library (Proctorsville)
  • Fairfax Community Library
  • Fletcher Memorial Library (Ludlow)
  • Hartland Public Library – Friday, February 6
  • Haskell Free Library (Derby Line) – Tuesday, March 3
  • Lanpher Memorial Library (Hyde Park)
  • Morristown Centennial Library
  • Norman Williams Public Library (Woodstock) – Saturday, March 7
  • Pettee Memorial Library (Wilmington) – Saturday, March 7
  • Readsboro Community Library
  • R. K. Kittay Public Library (Rupert)
  • Rockingham Free Library (Bellows Falls) – Saturday, February 7
  • St. Albans Free Library – Saturday, March 7
  • South Burlington Community Library
  • Springfield Town Library – Saturday, January 31
  • Stowe Free Library
  • Wardsboro Public Library – Saturday, March 7
  • Westford Public Library – Saturday, March 7
  • Whiting Library (Chester) – Wednesday, March 4
  • Wilder Memorial Library (Weston)
  • Winooski Memorial Library – Tuesday, March 3

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