Support for Attending Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals

Continuing Education Program for attending ALA eCourse Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals, April 18, 2022-May 29, 2022


Continuing Education Program Guidelines
State Fiscal Year 2022- Federal Fiscal Year 2022

The Department of Libraries’ Continuing Education focus is to assist librarians in understanding specific aspects of library science with the ultimate goal of improved library services for patrons.

The Vermont Department of Libraries has allocated Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) (from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Vermont Department of Libraries) funds for library personnel to attend the American Library Association eCourse Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals. This funding covers virtual training attendance for Vermont public library active staff, regular volunteers who interface with patrons, and anyone enrolled in the Certificate of Public Librarianship program. The intent of this program is to make online continuing education available to as many Vermont library staff as possible to expand their understanding of and keep current on library trends and practices, and to provide an opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge base. The goal for this specific program is to improve library personnel technology skills, including how to assist patrons about technology topics.

Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals is an asynchronous course, meaning that there are no live sessions and participants can go through each week’s materials at their own pace. The course developers estimate that each week will take about 4-6 hours of work. For those enrolled in the Certificate of Public Librarianship program, this course will earn 12 Continuing Education Units that can be applied to either the Library Technology or Elective category or divided between the two categories.

Please note that although the title of the course refers to “paraprofessionals,” this VTLIB funding is available to Vermont library personnel regardless of job title.

Refer to the guidelines and directions below for completing the application form for the Continuing Education (CE) Program for attendance at Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals.

General Information and Eligibility

  • Slots are available for 12 staff and regular volunteers at Vermont libraries and people enrolled in the Certificate of Public Librarianship program to attend the ALA eCourse Technology Competencies for Paraprofessionals.
  • VTLIB will make direct payments to pay for participant attendance rather than disperse funding to libraries.
  • Priority will be given to applicants in the following order:
  • Applicants currently enrolled in the Certificate of Public Librarianship (CPL) program
  • Applicants who do not receive training attendance support from their organizations
  • If all slots are not taken by library staff or CPL enrollees, funding will be offered to library volunteers who work regularly in public-facing roles at the library.

Application Process & Submission

Anyone interested in participating in this opportunity must apply through this form by 11:59pm April 3, 2022.

  • Applicants must be an active employee or regular volunteer at a Vermont library and/or be enrolled in the Certificate of Public Librarianship program.
  • By filling out the application, applicants certify that they have approval from their management or administration to attend. Volunteers must have approval from their library director.
  • By filling out the application, applicants commit to completing the entire asynchronous training including any assignments associated with the course.
  • By accepting funding, applicants commit to contributing to a post-training session hosted by VTLIB. The purpose of this is to help synthesize the material and share what participants learned with people who were unable to take the course. The session will occur on June 6, 2022, from 1:00-2:30 PM. If an applicant is unable to attend the session, they must agree to submit content reflecting on what they learned in the training in a different way, such as a short video, slideshow, or resource page.
  • Applicants must commit to completing a VTLIB survey about the course after it is over.
  • Awards will be announced to applicants by email.

Contact Joy Worland, Consultant for Continuing Education and Small and Rural Libraries with questions about this opportunity at or 802-798-2567 .

To submit a comment or question about the administration of LSTA funds, please contact the Vermont Department of Libraries Assistant State Librarian Janette Shaffer at or 802-249-7889 .