Public Library Salary Survey

This two-part online survey is intended to record salary, benefits, and related information for public libraries. Part 1 focuses on the director position, while Part 2 (which will launch on March 24) covers all other staff. The results will be shared publicly as a spreadsheet and a series of averages by population, budget, and location. It should filled out once per library, not by individual staff members. We envision the survey happening regularly, though we are currently leaning towards every other year.

Anonymity - By default, we’ll list your library name with your data when the information is released. You can instead choose to leave your data anonymous, in which case it will be included in the averages but will not appear in the main spreadsheet. You could also choose to anonymize one part but not the other. Participation is entirely voluntary, though the more responses we get the more useful the data will be. You can skip any questions that you cannot or prefer not to answer.

Preparation - We strongly recommend having all of this data in hand before filling out the form. Part 1 has 25 questions, and Part 2 has a total of 65. There is no way to save partway through. Each part has a link to a worksheet you can fill out ahead of time.

Calculations - Answer questions as though all budgeted positions were filled, even if they are not at the moment. Several questions ask about the starting pay range if the position were offered today; we recognize that this is a potentially difficult question, but it seems like the best way to capture starting pay. When a question asks for an average, please add up the number (pay, hours, etc) for each relevant position, and then divide by the number of positions. Please do not estimate. Enter wages/salaries in the format $13.45 or $25,250 (for example).

Timeline - Part 1 of the survey opens on Friday, March 11, while Part 2 will launch of Thursday, March 24. Both surveys will close at end of day on Friday, April 15, 2022.

Part 1 - Directors

This portion of the survey consists of 25 questions about the director position, including wages, experience, benefits, and more.

Part 2 - Other Staff

This portion of the survey will launch on March 24, and consists of 65 questions. If you don't have any staff in a given category, you can skip those questions. Each section asks about average current pay, high and low starting pay, requirements, and benefits, with a few general questions at the end. If your staff positions don’t fit perfectly, please use your best judgement, or reach out to Josh Muse. Do not include substitutes unless they consistently receive hours each week. Staff categories:

  1. Supervisors and Equivalent (assistant directors, librarians, other managers)
  2. Library Staff with Specialized Responsibilities (cataloging, programming, circulation management, technology, etc)
  3. Administrative and Support Staff with a Non-Library Focus
  4. Library Assistants/Clerks
  5. Shelvers/Pages

If you have any questions at all, please email Joshua Muse. You will not receive an email confirmation.