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State Librarian

Catherine Delneo
(802) 636-0040

The State Librarian, who is appointed by the Governor, is the head of the Department of Libraries. Duties include administration of the following divisions: Administration, Information and Access, and Library Advancement (which includes the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled and institutional libraries). The State Librarian administers state, federal and special funding, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

Administrative Division
Oversees financial policy and processes for the department, both internally and externally. Manages policies and procedures around grants, contract, and services utilized by individual libraries. Handles budget oversight, including the use of federal LSTA funds.

Vacant, Executive Staff Assistant

Works with the State Librarian on the annual Budget and five-year plans. Assists in working with the Board of Libraries, including geographic naming. Sets a timeline for division policies & procedures, and fields overall division questions. Managed the department’s recent move to Barre.

Lucie Fortier, Contracts and Grants Administrator
(802) 522-5951

Oversees contracts and grants within the department. Manages invoices and communication with vendors. Acts as liaison to the finance department. Works with vendors and staff to help facilitate these processes, and monitor our compliance with department, state, and federal regulations.

Advancement Division
Library Advancement provides leadership, grants, and other assistance to the Vermont library communities to improve services for all Vermonters. We offer general consulting for library governance and management, program development and facilities. We administer funds for improvement of services and the library workforce; write proposals and collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies to develop and implement programs. We collect and disseminate statistics; support training opportunities for local staff and trustees; publish directories, newsletters, plans and brochures; and facilitate statewide planning efforts.

Janette Shaffer, Assistant State Librarian for Library Advancement
(802) 249-7889

Serves on the Department’s senior management team; administers grants and contracts related to Library Advancement programs; supervises a team of library consultants who provide consulting assistance to library personnel and library trustees; reviews library standards, directs the Librarian Certification Program and professional development for library personnel, assists the State Librarian, and is the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Coordinator.

Jonathan Clark, Library Consultant – Youth Services to Children & Teens
(802) 249-3920

Provides youth-focused consulting, instruction, program development, and administration for the Department of Libraries. The Youth Services Consultant also provides statewide leadership in the areas of library service to youth and families, early literacy, advancement of reading for children and teens, and lifelong learning.

Joy Worland, Library Consultant - Continuing Education and Small and Rural Libraries
(802) 798-2567

Coordinates the Vermont Certificate of Public Librarianship program as well as other continuing education for librarians; provides consulting to library directors and trustees regarding best practices related to policies, strategic planning, law of public libraries, and more, with particular attention to how these issues uniquely present in small and rural libraries.

Tonya Ryals, Library Consultant - Governance & Management

Helps public libraries in Vermont be as strong, sustainable, and essential to their communities as possible. Works with public library trustees and public library directors to address issues of all kinds relating to running libraries, including the following: training trustees and directors on their essential duties, law of public libraries, and open meeting law; helping with ethics and conflict-of-interest questions; providing resources for strategic planning and advocacy; and answering email and phone questions on a wide range of topics.

Karen Gravlin, Library Consultant - Inclusive Services, and Director of the ABLE Library
(802) 272-4912

Provides consulting and professional development activities with a focus on special populations, which include, but are not limited to, veterans, LGBTQ+, seniors, people with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, and those who are incarcerated or in state care. Position responsibilities include oversight of the ABLE Library, library services to state institutions, management of the local recording program for visually and physically disabled citizens, library services to new Americans, ADA, and adult literacy.

Vacant, Library Advancement Assistant

Provides administrative support to Assistant State Librarian for Library Advancement and to the VTLIB consultants. Provides other administrative support for department programs such as school & public library movie licenses and the state park/historic sites pass program. Compiles monthly VTLIB newsletter and manages VTLIB's social media.

ABLE Library

Sara Blow, Readers' Advisor for the ABLE Library
(802) 636-0020

Manages and fulfills patron requests at the ABLE Library. Oversees the large print collection and talking book readers.

Wendy Clark, Assistant Librarian for the ABLE Library
(802) 636-0020

Manages and fulfills patron requests at the ABLE Library. Oversees our digital collections and the local talking book program.

Information & Access Division
Provide support and resources to libraries throughout the state, as well as state employees. This includes managing Interlibrary Loan service through Clover, as well as the Courier program; making online resources available for Vermonters, including the Vermont Online Library and ebook and audiobook provider; collecting data for public libraries in the state; assisting with Information Technology projects, such as the VTLIB website, library listservs, and the Verso ILS; providing reference services to state employees, libraries, and the public; serving as a resource to library staff for technical services, IT, and reference questions; and working with the State Library collection.

Tom McMurdo, Assistant State Librarian for Information & Access
(802) 622-4012

Supervises a team of library staff who provide assistance to public, school, and academic libraries, as well as to state government personnel. Oversees the state library and collections. Fosters partnerships and collaborates with governmental, national, and statewide organizations and stakeholders. Provides training and support to Department of Libraries employees and Vermont library personnel.

April Shaw, Government Services & Reference Librarian
(802) 318-7889

Provides library and reference services to state employees and promotes VTLIB services and resources statewide. Supports libraries using the statewide CLOVER system for interlibrary loan and administers the interlibrary loan courier system.

Joshua Muse, Library Consultant - Technology
(802) 585-8056

Provides technology support to the department and serves as a resource to libraries throughout the state. Focuses on the annual report, Verso ILS, listservs, Vermont Online Library, VTLIB website, E-Rate Coordinator, and other ongoing projects, as well as providing general support as needed.

Lauren Kelley, Technical Services Librarian
(802) 359-3178

Manages State Library collections in consultation with the Assistant State Librarian for Information & Access. Performs original cataloging for the State Library collections, as well as copy cataloging, and assigns classification using Dewey Decimal System (DDC), SuDoc, and Library of Congress Classification (LCC). Consults on cataloging for librarians and staff both internally and externally of the Vermont Department of Libraries. Teaches learner-centered instruction for basic and advanced cataloging classes as part of the VTLIB continuing education program.

Cindy Titus, Administrative Services Technician III
(802) 636-0028

Catalogs and processes books being added to the collection. Provides general support with the collection.

Interlibrary Loan

Linda Willis-Pendo, Librarian A
(802) 636-0032

Processes all out-of-state interlibrary loan requests, both from VT libraries and schools, as well as requests from other states for Vermont items. Provides information and resources to callers to the state information line.

Vance Asselin, Program Services Clerk
(802) 636-0025

Facilitates interlibrary requests for items in the VTLIB collection. Oversees Vermont newspapers, newsletters, and magazines for the department. Acts as supply clerk for the department. Provides general support with the collection. Serves as ABLE Library assistant.


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