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Eclipse 2024 Information

On Monday April 8, 2024 at 2:14 p.m., a partial solar eclipse begins, and at 3:26 p.m., a total eclipse will darken Vermont’s daytime sky, lasting about 3 minutes. The phenomenon will continue as a partial eclipse until 4:37 p.m. Vermont’s location within the 2024 solar eclipse's path of totality makes it an ideal place to take in the wonder and spectacle of this natural event, which hasn’t happened in Vermont since 1932. Find out the time and duration for your specific location using the 2024 Eclipse Map. An estimated 20 – 120 thousand visitors are expected to travel to Vermont for this event!

For those libraries in the path of totality, it is recommended library staff find out about events their town or city is planning and how the library might be a part of those events. This may be a better option than hosting an event at the library depending on staffing capacity and the availability of public restrooms and other facilities.

The State has recently launched an Eclipse page featuring travel information, observation safety tips, maps, links for updates and alerts, and a list of eclipse events through Vermont Vacation 2024 Total Solar Eclipse page. To publish an event, you can find guidelines and a submission form on the Vermont Vacation calendar sign-up page.


Department staff will present an Eclipse Planning Round Table discussion on Thursday, February 29, 2024, from 2:00 to 3:00pm where library staff from across the state can share ideas and resources, including event planning and supporting community events in towns and cities:

Learn more & register: Eclipse Planning Round Table 

The Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) hosts Bi-Weekly Eclipse Check-ins from January 25 to April 4 to “learn and share about community-level plans as well as what the State has planned.” Those attending the live Eclipse Check-ins must be VLCT members. Municipal library staff can register and participate by creating an account in advance. These online webinars are also recorded and available to the public. Explore VCLT's Eclipse Planning page featuring resources, recordings, and Check-in registration.

Vermont Public offers information to discover if your location is in the path of totality, how to view the solar eclipse safely, and more at the day of the eclipse, Vermont Public and the Fairbanks Museum will offer on air programming, including live total solar eclipse coverage from But Why host and executive producer Jane Lindholm and astronomy expert Mark Breen from the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium.  

  • Vermont Public's materials for PreK/K-2: The Eclipse Learning Guide brings playful STEAM connections from ECHO’s Science and Stories video series along with social-emotional considerations, and an Eclipse tag game. The activity also includes an easy to use and click-ready printable model of the Earth, Moon and Sun to reenact the Eclipse at home.
  • Vermont Public's materials for grades 3-5: This Eclipse Learning Guide offers pre-teaching opportunities using podcasts and video for pre-teaching. Activities include social-emotional connections and a model activity made to use at home or the classroom representing the distance between the Earth, Moon and Sun during totality.
  • Vermont Public's materials for grades 6-12: This Lesson Guide will help older students explore and understand the Eclipse by creating a model of the titled lunar orbit and ecliptic-plane. This activity model uses everyday objects and connections to documentaries by Vermont Public, PBS and NOVA to describe the unique nature of this historic event.

StarNET’s Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL) pageThis page has many resources and links to upcoming and recorded virtual trainings as well as an Eclipse Guide for Public Libraries and Their Communities providing a range of ideas for library eclipse events and community partners that libraries can enlist for help. While registration for SEAL’s free eclipse glasses is closed due to limited supply, there are still options to buy glasses directly through any of the reputable vendors listed by the American Astronomical Society

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) solar eclipse resources:

State of Vermont Employee Resources

The Department of Libraries has free solar eclipse glasses available for state employees to safely watch the eclipse on April 8, 2024. All state employees are encouraged to explore programming or events occurring in their local communities for the eclipse. State of Vermont employees can request eclipse glasses for their division by filling out this form. Glasses can be requested in sets of ten and the form will remain open until supplies run out. Due to the limited availability, these can only be requested for state employee use and will only be sent to SOV locations for distribution.