CatExpress Services for Vermont Public Libraries

The Vermont Department of Libraries (VTLIB) manages the CatExpress buying group allowing Vermont public libraries to purchase full MARC records from OCLC. By participating in the program libraries can obtain their first 250 MARC records requested per year for free. Libraries can order additional records throughout the year for $1.00 per record.  

Each year the Department collects and submits orders to OCLC, covering the price of the first 250 records for each library. Once the order has been submitted, member libraries are able to individually download the MARC records directly from OCLC. The VTLIB will bill your library yearly for any records ordered beyond the first 250.

To sign up for the program please use this form:

VOKAL Consortium Libraries

If you are a member of the Consortium, you should instead contact Debbie Roderer at the Dorothy Alling Library (Williston) about participating in the program.

How to use CatExpress

Nancy Fontaine at the Norwich Public Library created an excellent tutorial for Koha libraries that use CatExpress. This tutorial works for all libraries up to the point that you enter your ILS. It is an excellent step-by-step method for loading CatExpress records into your system: . All libraries are encouraged to use this tutorial.

LibraryWorld users will find these concise instructions from Mitinet very useful for loading CatExpress records into your system:

OCLC has some excellent resources online for step by step instructions and an overview of CatExpress:

Login Information

If you are not sure of your login information, you can contact OCLC at