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Interlibrary Loan Round Table - August 2021 Summary

Trivia Game

Some pretty excellent trivia questions were sent in, and there was even a lightning round of Clover Codes. It seemed like everyone learned something! Participants were allowed to call out answers, or fill out the form online. I did promise cookies to anyone who completed the trivia online and got all of the answers right. So, they are late, but there are cookies being sent to Tracey Durgan at Brownell Library!


The trivia questions and answers are attached!


Post Office Pricing

There was some discussion about the pricing of shipping Library Rate going up. The USPS did announce this on their website, and some libraries received a notice in the mail. The full listing of current rates (including Library Mail and Bound Printed Matter) is available here: There is more information about the mail rate changes made effective on August 29, 2021 here: I have not found a way to sign up to receive price change alerts, but the USPS does post all updates here:


General Topic – ILL Procedures

The general topic for the meeting was Interlibrary Loan Procedures – librarians talked about their procedures and issues, and brainstormed ways to improve areas they experienced issues. Generally it was agreed that libraries should follow the ILL procedures that work best for their staffing and practices. More libraries are leaning towards paperless processing and tracking of interlibrary loan. For more details on what other libraries are doing, check out the meeting recording. The discussion on ILL procedures starts at 26:20. There was also some discussion on how some libraries handle renewal requests for items that they lend out.


Some libraries are still receiving overdue notices or no response to renewal requests. The general consensus is that everyone reaches out to the individual lenders or borrowers when there are questions, and this has been working well.


The meeting recording is available here:


Next Meeting: Thursday, November 4 at 1:00-3:00 pm (meeting link will be sent out closer to the actual date).



At long last I have created a document that walks users through how to match the due dates in their ILS and the due dates in Clover without having to change them in one or the other every time. So far I have added steps to do this in VERSO, but I cannot add for other ILS because I do not have access to those. If you have found a way to make this work in your specific ILS, please add instructions to this document: The document can also be reached from the ILL Round Table webpage:



Completed items in Clover will be removed automatically 365 days after they were marked Complete. Borrowers can remove them earlier by selecting them and updating them as “Delete” and they will be removed at midnight.