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Interlibrary Loan Round Table - November 2019 Summary

The discussion started with some of the issues that have been happening in Clover, including multiple copies for out of state requests not working correctly, Clover not working in Safari, and large print requests still going to libraries that own regular print. I have submitted tickets to AutoGraphics for these issues, and they are either fixed or being worked on. Please keep reporting any issues or anything that is not acting as it should to me!


There was talk about interlibrary loan policies, and I will be sharing the policy that I wrote for State Employee interlibrary loan. Other libraries should feel free to submit any policies to me and I can link to them from the (now created) ILL Round Table page.


The group finished going through the Vermont Interlibrary Loan code and making adjustments and changes. These will be added to the draft that we have available online. Everyone should add any other comments they have to that document. At our February meeting we will be comparing the Vermont code to the ALA/RUSA code to make sure that we align with the national standard (or if we do not, explain why we don’t). After that meeting we will send out the draft with all edits to the listservs for feedback from as many librarians as possible. We will list a deadline for feedback from everyone, and then send the completed draft to VSLA, VLA, and VTLIB for final approval by all boards/leadership groups. If those groups have any feedback, we can discuss it at our May meeting.


Here is the recording for the November meeting, and the link to the draft ILL Code.