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MHEC Purchasing

Libraries in Vermont can participate in the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) purchasing program. MHEC provides discounts on a wide array of products through blanket contracts. These contracts cover just about everything a large university might purchase. That means libraries can buy books, library supplies, carpet, furnishings, vehicles, disaster response services, and hundreds of other products and services at a discount. The discounts extend not only to any library in Vermont, but depending on the vendor may also to employees of those libraries.

Thanks to Bobbi Slossar of the New Hampshire State Library for the following quick start guide!:

The MHEC is a purchasing consortium open to all New England public and private institutions of higher education, municipalities, schools, and educational organizations. MHEC uses its large member base and procurement expertise to negotiate cost-savings for its members.  –MHEC’s Library Quick Reference brochure


  1. Check to see if your town/public library or your school district/school library is a member. If someone else from your organization already submitted an application for membership, skip to step 4. (Time needed: Maybe 1 minute.)

  2. Public Librarians: If your public library (or city/town) is not already a member, submit an application for membership. (Time needed: Maybe 2 minutes.)

    1. Note that some libraries operate as a municipal department. If your library is a municipal department, the library is already a member if the town is a member of MHEC. If the town is not a member, the library can enroll independently. The municipality can join at a later date, if desired.

    2. School Librarians: If your school is not a member, check to see if the school district is a member. If not, consider contacting the district’s business office and encourage them to submit an application for membership. If they are not interested in doing so, then fill out an application for your own library. They can join at a later date, if desired.

  3. You will receive a welcome email when your application is reviewed and accepted by MHEC.

  4. Register for a website login. (Time needed: Maybe 1 minute.)

    • Multiple staff can register for MHEC website logins.

  5. Contact the vendors that you use to inform them that as of July 1, 2018 you are a MHEC member.

  6. View and consider printing Contracts L50 (Library Supplies, Archival Products & Services) and L51: Books & Media (Time needed: Maybe 2 minutes with sending to the printer.)

    • Sign into the site as a member.

    • Click on the blue libraries block and then select [state]. 

  • Select the desired contract. 

You will find all of the information you need (contact, shipping, discounts) for each vendor listed on the PDF, but do not hesitate to contact the fabulous group of MHEC staff with any questions or concerns you have. (Time needed will vary depending on the number of vendors you wish to contact.)

If you have questions, you can email MHEC.