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U.S. Treasury Capital Projects Fund for Libraries - FAQ

What if I have questions about this funding?

Please check this FAQ to see if it answers your questions. Also review the overview U.S. Treasury Capital Projects Funds for Public Libraries (PDF). If you still have questions after reviewing this FAQ, email To ensure you get a prompt response, please don't email individual staff members directly.

How much funding will be available?

The Department anticipates issuing grant awards between $300,000 to $1.5 million per approved project.

Will every Vermont public library automatically receive funds?

No. This is a competitive grant. A rubric will be used to evaluate applications according to a transparent process. Funds will be awarded to selected public libraries based on the strength and score of their applications.

What methods will the Department use to evaluate grant applications?

Applications will be evaluated based on the rubric available on this grant worksheet Capital Project Fund Treasury Application Worksheet and Rubric (PDF).

What if I don’t have a UEI?

Incorporated public libraries or municipalities must have an active UEI to be considered and they must maintain it throughout the grant period. If you are a municipal library, you will use your town’s UEI. Information on how to view your UEI:

Whom should the Certificate of Insurance be made out to?

It should be issued to the State of Vermont, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05609-0201

If I recently submitted a W9 and Certificate of Insurance for another grant, do I need to resubmit?

Yes. You will also need to submit these annually for the duration of the grant.

What rules do I need to follow for procurement of goods and services?

 You must follow Federal rule, 2 CFR §200.320, as well as any local procurement regulations.

Is there a match requirement?

No, there is no match requirement.

What information will I need to complete the grant application and budget?

We have created a worksheet that provides you with a preview of the information you need and to help you gather it ahead of time.

Capital Project Fund Treasury Application Worksheet and Rubric (Word)
Capital Project Fund Treasury Application Worksheet and Rubric (PDF)

How does my library’s Community Index Score impact our application? Should we still apply if we are not a “high need” community?

The Vermont Community Index—a measure of the relative capacity and need of communities across Vermont—will be one factor in scoring applications, but all libraries interested in funding should still apply regardless of their score.  The VCI will be determined by the physical address of the library requesting funds.

How will applications be processed?

The application opened on January 30th.  The department will hold all applications until after the March 12 deadline to review them all equitably and plans to announce results in the spring or early summer.

How does the project timeline work if I am not certain about the dates?

The project timeline should include milestones that have already passed—like design and pre-construction planning—as well as best estimates of the dates of additional phases.  The overall completion date must be by December 31, 2026.

Is this the only capital grant for libraries available in the funding stream?

No, there is another approximately $10 million in Public Facilities Preservation Initiative Grants funding from HUD that the department will be launching an application for later in the year.  These funds will “address repair and mitigation needs in small, rural public libraries.”

Should my library wait to apply for the 2nd grant, or can we apply for both?

A library can apply for both grants, and is encouraged to do so. However, successful applicants will likely only receive one grant.

Will my project need to meet Historic Preservation standards to qualify for funding?

If there are local requirements in your community relevant to your library, you must follow those requirements, including historic preservation, zoning, and other local regulations.

Do federal requirements (like the Build America Buy America Act or Davis-Bacon Act) apply?

Guidelines for grant subrecipients are on the federal grant guidelines website.  Libraries will need to follow federal guidelines as stipulated and remain compliant through entire period.

If my library is putting an addition on to house an elevator, would this count as a renovation or an expansion? 

This would be an expansion since it increases the perimeter of the building.

Where do I find more information on ADA accessibility rules?

The Department recommends using the Vermont Access Rules as the primary guidance. Since these exceed federal ADA in some areas and do not fall short of ADA in others.

- updated 2/8/2024