State Park and Historic Site Passes

The State Park and Historic Site Passes Program allows library patrons to check-out passes directly from their local library. These passes allow for free admission of one car holding up to eight people into a Vermont State Park or Vermont Historical Site.

Local public libraries are provided in the spring with one each of a State Park pass and State Historic Site pass. 

Additional Passesline drawing of a camping tent

Damaged Passes

If a pass has been damaged or lost by the library you may order one additional replacement pass from the Department of Libraries. The damaged pass should be destroyed. 

If a library patron has borrowed and not returned a pass you should follow your library's policies for billing and replacement. The Department of Libraries has provided a sample policy for you to fill out and use when drafting your own policy.


Please keep use statistics for the pass program. You will be required to submit this paper statistics form OR this online form by November 1, 2017. (Academic libraries can use the online form or this form to submit.)

The program has been jointly sponsored the Department of Libraries, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation and the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. Our co-sponsors have asked us to provide circulation statistics at the end of the season. The statistics may also encourage other state agencies to participate with Vermont libraries.