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Listservs for Vermont Libraries

There are a number of library-related listservs active in Vermont, with a range of different subject areas. This page includes lists that are managed by the Department of Libraries, as well as ones administered by other organizations.

Vermont Department of Libraries Listservs

  • LibStaff - This listserv provides a place for Vermont library staff to ask questions, discuss library issues and techniques, and receive updates on Vermont Department of Libraries' workshops and newsletters.
  • LibTrustFriend - This listserv provides a place for library Trustees, Friends of the Library, and library directors to ask questions, share ideas, and get support.
  • LibCapitalGrants - This listserv provides a spot for information and discussion about the Department's current Capital Project Grants. It is open to directors, library staff, trustees, municipal employees, and library volunteers.
  • LibCourier - This listserv provides a place to share information on Vermont's Courier system for Interlibrary Loan items.
  • LibILL - This listserv provides a place for public, school, and college librarians/library staff to discuss interlibrary loan issues and questions, and for Vermont Department of Libraries' staff to update everyone on CLOVER.
  • LibSmallRural - This listserv focuses on library topics, opportunities, and challenges specifically as they present in Vermont's small and rural libraries, and serves as a place to ask questions, share ideas, and get support. It embraces an inclusive view of the terms "small and rural" and welcomes any Vermont librarian who identifies their workplace as either or both.
  • LibVerso - This listserv provides a place to share information for libraries who use AutoGraphics Verso for their ILS.
  • LibYouth Services (formerly VTYAC) - This listserv is for staff at Vermont public and school libraries who work with children and young adults.

How to Join - To sign up for one of the VT Dept. of Libraries listservs below, contact Joshua Muse with the following information: (1) your name, (2) the name of the library at which you work, (3) your email address, and (4) the name(s) of the listserv(s) to which you'd like to subscribe.

General Info - Only subscribers can post to a listserv. Each list is intended for a specific audience; if you do not fit that audience, your subscription request may be denied. Posts to these lists are unmoderated. The Department of Libraries may post information from nonprofit organizations to a listserv if that information is of benefit to Vermont libraries.

VTLIB Listservs Etiquette and Use Guidelines

The VTLIB listservs are places to ask for advice, share resources, and engage in library-related discussion. Diversity of opinion is encouraged.

  1. Constructive Discussion - Help us make this a constructive place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion.
  2. Disagreements - You might disagree with someone's comments. Please remember to criticize ideas not people.
  3. Kindness – We all make mistakes. Respond privately if you see others making mistakes or missteps on the listserv.
  4. Focus – Each list has its own purpose. Postings should be relevant to the list they are being posted to. Try to avoid cross-posting when possible.
  5. Clarity – Make sure your post has a relevant and descriptive subject line.
  6. Contact Info - Postings should include your contact information, including name and institution if applicable.
  7. Efficiency - Be mindful of whether your reply needs to go to the entire list. Short responses that don't add to the overall discussion (Example: I agree! I’ll take it! Thanks!) can be sent directly to the original poster. Use Reply to send to the poster, and Reply All to send to the entire list.
  8. Collate - When appropriate, you are encouraged to collect off-list responses to your questions and repost your compilation to the listserv.

Note: The Department of Libraries reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership for subscribers who violate the Etiquette and Use Guidelines.

These guidelines were developed by a group of VT library workers and trustees in 2021. They will be reevaluated periodically.

Other Vermont Library Listservs

  • VTLibraries (Vermont Library Association) - Designed for anyone interested in issues relating to librarianship in Vermont. Librarians working in all types of libraries are encouraged to join. The listserv discusses legislation, library management, major library trends, and more.
    To subscribe, send an email to with the body of the email: Subscribe vtlibraries first last (replace first with your first name and last with your last name).
  • VTCSL (Vermont Library Association) - This listserv is directed towards the College and Special Libraries section of the Vermont Library Association. VTCSL is a forum for announcements and discussion of topics relevant to academic and special libraries in Vermont.
    To subscribe send a message to with the message Subscribe vtcsl first last (replace first with your first name and last with your last name).
  • Other Listservs - The Vermont Library Association lists a few other related listservs on their Local Listservs page.
  • Vermont School Library Association - For members of the Vermont School Library Association. To receive messages from this listserv you must first become a member of the Vermont School Library Association by filling out an application.
  • Vermont Local History Listserv - Administered by the Vermont Historical Society, this is open to anyone who works with or for cultural heritage organizations to discuss issues, share resources, and promote their events on the local history calendar. Apply to join on this page.