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Vermont Forward Plan (4/6/21)

The plan uses vaccination rates as the key milestones for transitioning Vermont businesses to more general, universal guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19, modifying travel guidance, and for when gathering size can increase between now and July 4. Read the plan here.

  • Step 1 (estimated April 9) requires 35–45% of Vermonters have their first vaccine dose. It impacts low contact businesses (not libraries), and cross-state travel.
  • Step 2 (estimated May 1) requires 50–60% of Vermonters have their first vaccine does. It shifts longer duration businesses (including libraries) to use Universal Guidance, which can be summarized as stay home if you’re sick, wear a mask, ensure six-foot spaces and uncrowded places, practice good hygiene, and know the travel restrictions. Additionally, step 2 increases the allowable number of persons at indoor and outdoor events.
  • Step 3 (estimated June 1) requires 60-70% of Vermonters have their first vaccine dose. It impacts cross-state travel, and further increases the allowable numbers for indoor and outdoor events.

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