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Language Access Resources

Libraries may find that some of the patrons in their community speak a language other than English. There are a variety of resources that can assist library staff as they work to provide library services to these patrons.


What Is a Public Library?

Some people coming to Vermont from other countries may not be aware of all that a public library in Vermont has to offer. With IMLS ARPA funding, VTLIB is providing a document that outlines basic public library services that has been translated into some of the most commonly spoken languages other than English in Vermont. We also provide the document in English for library staff to refer to:

Editable versions (libraries can add their own logos and contact information) and PDF versions are available:


Translation and Interpreter Services

Please note that these organizations are on the state's established list of statewide contracts. While public libraries do not have access to state-negotiated pricing, these suppliers have been vetted by the Vermont Office of Purchasing and Contracts (OPC). These suppliers are often willing to work with other entities of the state and offer competitive pricing.


English Language Learners