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CLOVER - Vermont ILL system

Vermont statewide ILL system (CLOVER)


CLOVER stands for Collaborative Libraries Of VERmont. This system uses AutoGraphics' state-of-the-art SHAREit software to power the network. CLOVER replaces the antiquated VALS system. Users will find information much easier to discover and library staff will immediately notice the ease of use of the system. The time-consuming VALS process for borrowing materials from other libraries will be simple, short, and straightforward with CLOVER. 

To login:

Clover Tutorials and Support:

Video tutorials for Clover are available here and include:

All tutorial videos are under five minutes long, however the webinar to review Clover is 50 minutes. If you have any questions about Clover or interlibrary loan, please reach out to April Shaw at

Requesting Discussion Sets in CLOVER

*In 2024 we will be transitioning to LibCal for reservations and checkouts of our discussion sets. More information about what is available in LibCal currently is available here.

VTLIB Multiple Copy Sets for borrowing from VTLIB
VTLIB owns over 400 discussion sets for children and young adults that can be requested by any library in Vermont. A full list of the sets including if they have won or been nominated for a Vermont Book Award is available here (Excel format). This list contains different titles than the Public Multiple Copy List and is only those titles owned by VTLIB.
If you need help with requesting multiple copies or any discussion sets, contact April Shaw at VTLIB (
Multiple copy sets can be sent and returned through the courier service.
Public Multiple Copy List for borrowing book sets from public libraries
This spreadsheet contains data collected from public libraries that will be useful to librarians who either run book groups or help local book groups procure multiple copies of titles. All the libraries who have added their data are happy to share their sets. You will find the titles, authors, target audience, number of copies, formats available, library contact info and more. The list is available here. Each library may add or edit information on the Multiple Copy List. Because it is a shared document, anyone with the link can open it and edit it. Changes are saved automatically. If you have trouble or need further assistance with adding or editing data, please contact VLA ( 
If you cannot access this list for any reason, please contact VLA (