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Working Group Staffing and Salaries Survey

The Working Group on the Status of Libraries in Vermont has engaged Constructive Disruption, an independent consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive survey and analysis of compensation and staffing levels in municipal and incorporated public libraries in Vermont. This survey has been commissioned by the Working Group, to assist it in studying “staffing levels at Vermont libraries, whether staffing levels are sufficient to meet community needs, whether library staff compensation and benefits are sufficient, how libraries rely on volunteers, and what resources are available for workforce development and training of library staff” per its charge.

The goal of the survey is to obtain reliable and statistically relevant data upon which the Working Group can base recommendations to the Vermont legislature related to:

  • Current staffing levels at municipal and incorporated public libraries in Vermont and
  • Current staffing compensation levels and benefits for the positions of interest at municipal and incorporated public libraries in Vermont.

Public Library Directors will receive a direct link to the survey so that they can complete it for their institution and are asked to complete the survey by Monday, August 14, 2023.

The Public Library Compensation and Staffing Survey project is led for Constructive Disruption by Stephanie Chase and Judah Hamer, both of whom have ties to the Vermont public library community, having worked in Vermont libraries during their careers.

Constructive Disruption is a woman-owned consultancy firm based in Portland, Oregon, which focuses on strategic planning, community engagement, needs assessment, evaluation efforts, organizational development, and change management. Constructive Disruption was awarded this contract through a competitive bid process administered by the Department of Libraries on behalf of the Working Group, which is funding this survey with resources provided by the Legislature to support its work.


Judah Hamer and Stephanie Chase from Constructive Disruption presented a webinar for library directors to review the online survey and answer questions you may have about providing accurate answers about your libraries.


If you have questions about the survey, please reach out to Stephanie or Judah of Constructive Disruption.

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