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Working Group - Call for Testimony

The Working Group for the Status of Libraries in Vermont seeks testimony from members of the Vermont library community and interested parties. Part of the charge of the group is to receive testimony on a number of topics associated with libraries in Vermont, including programming. Each meeting will focus on a single topic.

Priority Topics

Testimony that takes into account these additional topics will be particularly useful to the Working Group:

  1. Library services for specific segments of the Vermont population, including senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, youths and children, immigrant and migrant communities, and people living in poverty.
  2. The role that libraries play in emergency preparedness, cultural diversity and inclusion, public health and safety, community identity and resiliency, economic development, and access to public programs and services.
  3. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on library operations and services.

Testimony is not anonymous and those submitting written testimony may be asked to meet with the Working Group at the January meeting. Note that these meetings are public and may be recorded. This is the second appeal for testimony and for future meetings, we’ll be soliciting testimony on facilities, technology, and staff. Please also submit testimony on programming, as testimony will be recived by the Working Group on past topics and will be entered into the record.

This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard, as not only will the Working Group read the testimony, but it will form the basis of a report that will be delivered to the Vermont legislature.

Those wishing to provide testimony should email Please provide your name, written testimony, and contact information.