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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Collection Development Resources

This resource page is intended to help libraries build, refresh, and expand their collections for equity, diversity, and inclusion in content and format. The resources below serve as a starting point for you. If you are uncertain about where to start, you may consider a collection audit which is provided by vendors such as Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Follett.

From ALA - Diverse Collections: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

A diverse collection should contain content by and about a wide array of people and cultures to authentically reflect a variety of ideas, information, stories, and experiences.

Library workers have an obligation to select, maintain, and support access to content on subjects by diverse authors and creators that meets—as closely as possible—the needs, interests, and abilities of all the people the library serves. This means acquiring materials to address popular demand and direct community input, as well as addressing collection gaps and unexpressed information needs. Successful diverse collections also include materials that reflect the world beyond the local community's demographics. Library workers have a professional and ethical responsibility to be proactively inclusive in collection development and in the provision of interlibrary loan where offered.

A diverse collection should contain a variety of works chosen pursuant to the library’s selection policy and subject to periodic review.

Developing a diverse collection requires

  • selecting content in multiple formats;
  • considering resources from self-published, independent, small, and local producers;
  • seeking content created by and representative of marginalized and underrepresented groups;
  • evaluating how diverse collection resources are cataloged, labeled, and displayed;
  • including content in all the languages used in the community that the library serves, when possible; and
  • providing resources in formats that meet the needs of users with disabilities.
Professional Development Collection

When allotting collection budgets to diverse books, note that the Department of Libraries houses a professional development collection that will be regularly assessed and updated to address EDI issues in the library profession. Public libraries do not need to duplicate those titles as they are available through Interlibrary Loan.

Collections in Alternate Formats

While we often think of diverse collections in terms of the content of the materials, part of developing diverse collections is making sure that materials are available in accessible formats for patrons. Ensuring that patrons with disabilities can access library materials is an important part of promoting diversity in your community. Formats like audiobooks, large print books, and graphic novels allow patrons with visual, physical, and reading disabilities to access library materials in the format that best suits their needs. Additionally, you may find that patrons without disabilities benefit from a wide selection of formats. Offering library materials in alternate formats can benefit everyone.

Vermont Department of Libraries Collection Development Resources
Diverse Book Lists and Reviews
Diverse Book Awards

Please let the Department of Libraries know if you have suggestions for additional resources.