Annual Report - What to Track

The work of the annual report begins long before it's time to enter your data. Knowing what to keep track of is the crucial first step. This page gives a list of everything that the report asks for:

Here is a PDF version of this list (2 pages).

Staffing (Hours)

  • Staff Hours – Broken down by librarians with an MLS, librarians without an MLS, and all other staff. Weekly.
  • Funded from Outside – Staffing hours paid for by an outside organization (grant, AmeriCorps, etc…). Weekly.
  • Volunteer Hours – Weekly.

Operating Income (Dollars)

  • Tax Support - Local tax support from each town that provides it.
  • Non-Resident Fees – What you charge per person/family, and the total fees for the year.
  • All Other Local Income – Gifts, fines, book sales, fund-raising, and such.
  • Transfers – Funds transferred from endowment or savings account.
  • Grants – All grants and the amounts received (including from VTLIB), federal or otherwise.
  • In-Kind Support – Goods and services provided for no cost, whether from a municipality, organization, or resident.

Capital Revenue (Dollars)

  • Revenue – Capital revenue for projects, broken down by federal, state, local, and other.

Operating Expenditures (Dollars)

  • Collections – Collections expenses, broken down by print, electronic, and other.
  • Staff – Staffing expenses, broken down by salary and benefits.
  • Other – All other operating expenses.
  • Grants – Funds spent on grant projects.
  • Capital – Funds spent on capital projects.

Holdings (Number of Items)

  • Print Materials – Broken down by adult and children.
  • Electronic Books – Downloadable ebooks, broken down by adult and children. Includes Listen Up Vermont and RBDigital.
  • Video Items – DVD, VHS, video Playaways, and such.
  • Downloadable Video – Number of titles available from services such as Kanopy or Hoopla.
  • Audio Items – Broken down by adult and children.
  • Downloadable Audio - Includes Listen Up Vermont and RBDigital.
  • Print Serials – Includes magazines and newspapers.
  • Database Licenses – Number of databases you offer besides Vermont Online Library, HeritageQuest, and Universal Class.

Services (Various)

  • Borrowers – Number broken down by adult and children.
  • Visits – Total visits.
  • Reference Transactions – Annual number of questions.
  • Downloadable Circulation – Checkouts for downloadable items. Includes Listen Up Vermont and RBDigital.
  • Electronic Database Usage - Includes Vermont Online Library and HeritageQuest, as well as any online databases you subscribe to individually.
  • Physical Items Circulation – Adult & Children.
  • InterLibrary Loans – Broken down by provided and received.
  • Programs – Broken down by adult, child, and young adult programs. Also, collaborations with other organizations.
  • Program Attendance – Broken down by adult, child, and young adult programs.
  • Outreach Deliveries of Items – Broken down by individuals, childcare providers, and other sites.
  • Staff and Public Computers - Total Number.
  • Public Use Computers – Number for public use.
  • Age of Public Computers – Less than 1 year, 1-2, 3-5, 5+.
  • Computer Training – Number of staff and patrons trained.
  • Computer Use – How often were your public computers used.
  • WiFi – Number of wireless sessions.
  • Website – Number of visits to your library’s website.