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Public Library Statistics

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) collects statistics for public libraries nationwide. These stats include all aspects of the library, including finance, collections, circulation, programming, and more. Each year, Vermont public libraries submit their data to the Department of Libraries (read more about that process here). Data is submitted to IMLS, who publishes national data (roughly 2 years behind). The Department makes statewide stats available below.

If you have any questions, please email Joshua Muse.

Vermont Public Library Statistics


Dec 2023 - We corrected an error with the Other Grants column in all versions of the spreadsheet.


Feb 2024 - We corrected an error which effected the programming numbers for five libraries, and another which impacted the averages for the expense categories.


  • Statistics Spreadsheet (Excel - Click on the arrow icon in each column header to sort by that field. Tabs break out libraries by fiscal year and population.)
  • Statistics Spreadsheet (Google Sheets. Tabs break out libraries by fiscal year and population.)
  • Narrative Responses (PDF) - What successes have you had this year? What’s new at your library?










If you require statistics from previous years, please contact the Vermont Department of Libraries.


Screenshot of IMLS Search and Compare Tool.

Search and Compare Tool

IMLS offers an online tool which allows users to see stats for one or more public libraries (state or nation-wide), on the basis of circulation, revenue, staff, visits, and other stats. You can also view a summary for an individual library, and see some of its numbers over time. Be aware that the data is typically 1-2 years behind, because of the time necessary to work with the data.

Search and Compare Tool -