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Vermont Youth Book Awards

Three literary awards are presented each year with the assistance of the Vermont Department of Libraries: the Red Clover Book Award, the Vermont Golden Dome Book Award, and the Green Mountain Book Award.

Vermont Youth Book Awards Conference 2023

The conference took place Thursday, September 28, 2023 and featured three sessions, one for each book award. Authors kicked off each session providing inspiration and insight into their winning/nominated books: Dashka Slater for the Green Mountain Book Award session; Stuart Gibbs for the Golden Dome Book Award session; and Mark Pett for the Red Clover Book Award session.  Book award committee members presented award nomination lists, highlighting innovative and fun ways to promote and engage book award participation in schools and libraries. Our thanks to all who participated!

Each year the amazing committee members for all three Vermont youth book awards take on the monumental task of reading all (or as close to it as possible) the books published in a single year for the targeted age group of their respective committees. This knowledgeable group of Vermont librarians and teachers work tirelessly to apply their literary expertise in selecting noteworthy diverse books for children and teens. Vermont youth read the books from these lists and cast their vote for their favorites, which determines the winners for each award.

VT Youth Book Awards Yearly Timeline

You will find a description and link to each book award below. On each book award page you will find:

  • Information about the award
  • Lists of nominees and winners
  • Handouts such as bookmarks and checklists
  • Additional resources

Red Clover Book Award logo Red Clover Book Award is Vermont’s children’s-choice picture book award created to honor excellence children’s literature. Vermont youth in grades K-4 read the 10 nominated books and vote for their favorite.

Golden Dome Book Award logoVermont Golden Dome Book Award is Vermont’s children’s-choice middle-grade book award created to honor excellence in children's literature. Vermont students in grades 4-8 read the 25 nominated books and vote for their favorite.

Green Mountain Book AwardGreen Mountain Book Award is Vermont’s teen-choice award created to honor excellence in young adult literature. Vermont students in grades 9-12 read the 15 nominated books and vote for their favorite.


Order VT Youth Book Award Labels

VT Youth Book Award Logo Files & Style Guide

For more information about the Vermont Book Award, a collaborative effort between Vermont Humanities, the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and VTLIB, visit this page.

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