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Taxes FAQ

*COVID-19 Update* - The Vermont Department of Taxes continues to carefully monitor the evolving situation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Department is working closely with the office of Governor Phil Scott and the Vermont legislature, following changes at the federal level, and adhering to guidance from the Vermont Department Health. Please see the Department’s information on relief for Vermont taxpayers. You should check this link periodically as the guidance may change. You may also follow the Vermont Department of Taxes on Facebook and Twitter.

The Vermont Department of Taxes has created a FAQ based upon a survey of frequent questions from library patrons. These documents are generic enough that they can be used from year to year, barring any changes to procedures or other factors, and are appropriate for libraries and other groups. If changes are needed, adjustments will be made, and new documents will be provided. You are welcome to provide copies of these documents to members of the public who make inquiries.

Info from the VT Department of Taxes

Downloadable Versions of the Don't Be Fooled Poster (PDF)

General Questions

  1. What are the website addresses for the IRS and Vermont Department of Taxes?
  2. How Can We Contact the Vermont Department of Taxes for questions about Vermont personal income taxes?
    • Taxpayer Services Division: 802-828-2865 or (toll free in Vermont) 866-828-2865 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm. Tax examiners in this division can answer questions about Vermont personal income tax, Homestead Declaration, Property Tax Adjustment Claim, and Renter Rebate Claim.
    • Email
    • Visit 133 State Street, Montpelier, Mon-Fri, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm
    • Main number with directory: 802-828-2505
    • For business questions or other contact numbers:
  3. Do I need to file Vermont taxes?
    The criteria for who must file in Vermont is the following:
    • A Vermont Income Tax Return must be filed by a full-year or a part-year Vermont resident or a nonresident if you are required to file a federal income tax return, AND
    • You earned or received more than $100 in Vermont income, OR
    • You earned or received gross income of more than $1,000 as a nonresident. Read Vermont law at 32 V.S.A. § 5861 and § 5823(b) for information on sources of income.
  4. What Vermont and federal forms do I need to file my personal income tax?
  5. What is the due date for Vermont income tax returns?
    The due date is usually April 15, but that date can change depending on whether the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. The due date is the same for both federal and Vermont returns. To see the current due date, visit this page.

Vermont Income Tax Booklet and Forms

  1. Does my library, town clerk, or post office have the Vermont Income Tax Return booklet or Vermont tax forms?
    The Department of Taxes no longer distributes the booklet or forms in bulk to libraries, town clerks, or post offices. Why? The number of people who are e-filing their returns grows each year, and the demand has shifted away from paper filing. The Department believes is it a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars to offer electronic copies of booklets and forms for download and to mail materials only when requested. The Department encourages e-filing because there are fewer errors in e-filed returns, and e-filed returns are processed more quickly than paper returns. Taxpayers who e-file generally will receive their refunds more quickly than taxpayers who file using paper and mail them.
  2. Why didn't I get a booklet or forms in the mail?
    The Department no longer sends the booklet or forms automatically to taxpayers. This year, however, the Department sent 3,004 booklets to taxpayers who have filed using the forms in the booklet for the past two consecutive years. This is a trial to see if this reduces phone calls and email volume to the Department’s forms fulfillment.
  3. How do I get Vermont income tax booklets or forms?
    There are four ways to obtain booklets or forms:
  4. Where do I send my Vermont income tax return?
    The addresses are stated at the bottom of Form IN-111, Vermont Income Tax Return, and below:
    • Claiming a refund?
      Send your return to VT Department of Taxes, PO Box 1881, Montpelier, VT 05601-1881.
    • Making a payment?
      Send your return to VT Department of Taxes, PO Box 1779, Montpelier, VT 05601-1779.

e-Filing Vermont Income Tax Returns

  1. Does Vermont offer free online filing?
    • Free e-filing for eligible taxpayers: There is free e-filing for eligible taxpayers both at the federal and state levels through Free File. Income is only one of the eligibility criteria. For details, visit .
    • Did you know? Last year, 65% of Vermont taxpayers were eligible for Free File, but only about 2% used the free online service to e-file their taxes.
    • Free e-fling for Homestead Declaration, Renter Rebate Claim, and Property Tax Adjustment: All Vermont taxpayers may file these claims at no cost at .

Free Help with Taxes

  1. How do I get free help preparing my taxes?
    Free help is available at sites throughout Vermont as follows:

Homestead Declaration, Property Tax Adjustment, Renter Rebate, Landlord Certificate

  1. How do I file the Homestead Declaration?
  2. How do I file a Property Tax Credit?
  3. How do I file the Renter Rebate Claim?
  4. How do I get—or complete—a Landlord’s Certificate (Form LC-142)?

Questions on Specific Tax Topics

Many questions go beyond basic information and are too specific for FAQs. Below are a few common questions that can be easily answered by reviewing the websites provided. Any questions about Vermont taxes should be directed to the Department at one of the contact numbers provided in question 2.

  1. If I won a large amount of money, what tax liability do I have?
    See IRS guidance:
  2. If I received a large amount of money as a gift, do I have to pay taxes on it?
    See IRS guidance:
  3. How do my health care subsidies affect my income tax return?