Interlibrary Loan Courier Program

In 2015 the Vermont Department of Libraries (VTLIB) and the Green Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) partnered on a pilot courier system for interlibrary loan among public libraries in Vermont. The pilot period began on January 25, 2016 and was a great success. More information about the history of the program is available on our Initiatives & Projects page. Based on the success of the pilot program, the Vermont Library Courier system is being continued. Beginning March 1, 2018 the administration of this program will be taken over by VTLIB. For more information about the courier program, please browse this page or see the FAQ page. If you have further questions, please contact April Shaw at


How the program works

In this program VTLIB contracts with Green Mountain Messenger (GMM), a commercial courier service. When new libraries are enrolled, GMM works with them directly to decide upon the pickup location and schedule. Each delivery stop is priced at $15.00 for one bin of ILL materials. Libraries will have the option to have more bins per pick-up at their site at a cost of $5 per bin. Libraries can sign up for up to five stops each week (at $15.00 per stop). The more frequent the delivery, the faster the service to patrons. Libraries will be billed monthly for the service by GMM. Prompt payment of invoices is essential for uninterrupted service. GMM will work with libraries to schedule stops during the library’s open hours – delivery times are often dependent on other business in the area. Delivery will only be scheduled for weekdays.

To encourage participation, VTLIB has committed to offering funding for all public libraries on the courier service by paying half the cost of one stop per week ($7.50/week) through the end of the 2018 calendar year. VTLIB also commits to providing the bins and bags for all libraries who are members of the courier system.


Information for libraries currently included in the courier system

Libraries participating in the program are required to report a small amount of data each month to VTLIB about their experience with the courier system. The statistics required are described in your Courier System agreement form, and include items sent and received via courier, items sent and received via USPS, and amount spent on USPS shipping. These statistics can be reported here. To help with reporting, there is a handy in-house recording form to record these stats as they happen. Download that form here. The in-house form can be used as an Excel sheet or it can be printed. To print all on one page, select “fit all columns on one page” under “scaling” in the print dialog. Please report all data for a month within the first two weeks of the next month.


Information for libraries interested in joining the courier program

VTLIB is not currently accepting applications for new courier stops. If you wish to partner with a library already on the service, please contact them directly.

Deliveries are done by a third-party commercial courier service, Green Mountain Messenger (GMM). Acceptance into the delivery service is contingent on GMM offering service to your library’s address, or at an agreed upon alternate location. New members to the delivery program will be enrolled in the courier service through the calendar year.

Several libraries have created partnerships with those already on the service to split the cost of stops, and to add their library if they have been unable to join the service. Feedback and tips for creating partnerships from those who have already done so is available in the FAQ and in a document here.